Final opportunity to register for online self-assessment tax return for 2018/19

Taxpayers who are looking to file their self-assessment tax return online for the 2018/19 tax year need to have registered for an online account on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website before Saturday (5 October).

With the increase in people needing to file a self-assessment return, either due to their earnings, gig economy work or changes to child benefits, HMRC is reminding taxpayers about the deadline to allow them to set up an online account.

Last year, 700,000 taxpayers missed the self-assessment filing deadline and were left to face penalties of up to £100 per day.

Taxpayers are required to complete a self-assessment tax return if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • They earned more than £2,500 from renting a property


  • Their partner received child benefit & either of them had an annual income of over £50,000


  • They received more than £2,500 in other untaxed income, e.g. from tips or commission


  • They are self-employed sole traders, limited company directors, shareholders, or employees claiming expenses above £2,500


  • They have an annual income of over £100,000.

Those who meet any of the criteria who have not registered for self-assessment previously, or who have not filed online previously, need to register at