Former Bank of England Boss: Eurozone ‘will affect UK whether in or out’

Former Bank of England boss Mervyn King has argued that the UK will be affected by the Eurozone regardless of whether it votes to stay in or leave the European Union (EU).

Lord King told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that the UK would be badly affected by Eurozone troubles after the referendum regardless of whether Britons voted “in or out.”

The former Bank of England boss, who said that the Euro had been “a mistake”, believes that Britain could strike better deals with faster-growing countries under a Brexit vote.

Lord King spoke publicly about how he believed that Germany, one of the driving forces behind the single currency, could also be better off leaving the EU.

The ex-banker, who stepped down in 2013, said that the “economic arithmetic” of the Euro project did not add up, arguing that Germany and other EU leaders were supporting it purely for their own political reasons.

“That is why in the longer run the euro area, not the EU but the euro area, is something that we should all be concerned about,” he said.

The ex-banker would not give a clear comment on whether he personally was in favour of, or against, Brexit.