Government grant schemes available for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

The Government has a number of grant schemes available to help with the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, in order to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Workplace Charging Scheme

Businesses can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which is a voucher-based scheme that provides support for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge-points.

Installers must apply for authorisation from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to be eligible for the scheme, and for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

OLEV will then subsequently:

  • Process the application
  • Process any re-submitted applications
  • Add subcontractors to your account
  • Add new chargepoint models to your account within 30 days

The scheme is available for businesses, public sector organisations and charities, and firms can apply on the Gov.Uk website.

Electric and hybrid cars – workplace charging

In order to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, there is an exemption from a benefit in kind charge for workplace charging of such vehicles, whether they are company vehicles or vehicles owned personally by the employee.  The exemption covers the cost of electricity and the cost of the employer providing the facility with any connected services.

It should be noted that the exemption does not cover reimbursement of an employee’s personal expenditure away from the company’s premises, such as if the vehicle is charged at the employee’s home or at a service station.

To qualify for the exemption, the following conditions must be met:

  • There must be a dedicated charging point which is designed for purpose
  • The charging facility must be at the employer’s premises and has to be available to all employees
  • The car or van must be driven by the employee or the employee must be one of the passengers

There will, however, be a taxable benefit if the provision of a charging facility is provided via an Optional Remuneration Arrangement.

For more information on the Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme, other grants for low emission vehicles, visit the Gov.UK website.