Here’s how you can claim the 2022 council tax rebate

Households must set up a direct debt with their local council before they can receive the 2022 council tax rebate, it has been confirmed.

The notice comes after the Government announced that millions of families in England will be eligible to £150 to support them with the rising cost of living.

Under the scheme, households in council tax bands A to D will benefit from council tax rebates which do not have to be repaid.

It means around 20 million homes will be eligible for support, including 95 per cent of rented properties.

A further £144 million in discretionary funding will be available for households not automatically eligible for financial support, such as those on low incomes in council tax bands E to H.

How can I apply?

To claim support, you will need to set up a direct debit with your local authority.

Anyone without a direct debit in place will be invited by their local council to do so over the coming weeks.

“Global inflation levels increase”

Commenting on the initiative, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Michael Gove, said: “As we emerge from the pandemic, we understand the pressures facing many families as global inflation levels increase.

“The support we have introduced will help millions of people, particularly those on the lowest incomes and the most vulnerable.

“We continue to stand behind the British people and I urge everyone who is eligible to claim this rebate to do so.”

What about the energy bills rebate?

The Government will also support people to pay their energy bills after the energy bills price cap is lifted in April.

Almost every domestic energy customer will automatically receive a reduction of £200 on energy bills, which will be recovered from people’s bills in equal £40 instalments over five years from 2023.

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