HMRC to take tech expansion to the next stage

Following ongoing attempts to ‘make take digital’ and join the technological revolution, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced plans to invest £215m in managed desktop services and cloud collaboration.

The ambitious plans, which could see more dramatic changes to HMRC systems, extend to the building, deployment, maintenance and support of user devices such as videoconference equipment, apps and desktop technology – which could all become commonplace in the tax world in coming years.

HMRC is hoping to outsource to the production of the technology to the tune of £200m.

It also hopes to invest around £15m in cloud computing and sharing solutions, which HMRC hopes will “transform working practices and improve current processes”.

“Transitioning to a cloud-based solution is expected to yield material commercial benefits, the adoption of which will simplify the existing desktop environment,” said a prior information notice published by the taxman.

HMRC said that it is considering a “wholesale transition” to cloud-based collaborative solutions in the future – which could mean another dramatic tech shake-up of tax systems in coming years, to complement recent plans to ‘make tax digital’.

HMRC claimed that “is currently undergoing a significant period of transformation,” and taxpayers should be wary of how any potential changes could affect them.