HMRC’s online rebrand shakes up services for tax agents

In an official statement published by the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently announced a dramatic shake-up of its online services for tax agents.

In coming months, HMRC intend to effectively rebrand their Agent Online Self Service (AOSS) system to a whole new system entirely, named Agent Services (AS).

The shake-up will bring with it a number of changes to the ways in which tax agents use HMRC’s online services.

Toni Clark, Head of Digital Engagement at HMRC, outlined four key changes which will be incorporated into the new AS system:

  • ‘Authorisation’ – which will enhance existing online authorisation systems.
  • ‘Secure messaging’ – which will prioritise inbound secure messaging and help determine exactly what information agents wish to send HMRC, in hopes of improving future systems.
  • ‘On-boarding’ – which will enable agents to monitor their clients’ personal and business tax accounts via new third party software.
  • ‘Subscription’ – which will allow AS itself to collect information about agencies and their affairs.

Mr Clark said: “[Agent Services] has now refreshed key priorities for 2016-17, and the revised name better reflects the scope of what HMRC aims to deliver for agents within this program of work.”

Additional information on the proposed changes, including when they will take effect, are yet to be announced.