Skills shortage in nearly every sector means hiring from abroad is a necessity

There is a skills shortage in nearly every sector of the UK according to recruitment experts.

A monthly jobs report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation described the situation as so bad that it was now a necessity to hire workers from abroad if the economy was to thrive.

The engineering sector, accounting services and nursing are among those affected and the report noted that temporary workers in the hospitality and catering industries were in the highest demand.

Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, said: “UK businesses are now facing candidate shortages in nearly every sector of the economy.

“From engineering firms, to catering companies, schools and hospitals, we need more people with the right skills for the jobs that are available.

“The hospitality sector is a case in point. The latest data shows a surge in demand for staff from hotels and restaurants as they expect many holidaymakers to stay in the UK this summer rather than travel abroad.”

He added: “Sourcing workers from outside the UK is going to be an ongoing necessity if we are to continue seeing the British economy grow.”

Official statistics show that 44,000 jobs were created by British firms in the first quarter of this year, meaning the proportion of working-age people in jobs was at a record high.