Watch out! HMRC scammers are now phoning you in your own home

Taxpayers are being targeted over the telephone by fraudsters pretending to be representatives of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), it has emerged.

The report follows a string of “phishing emails” designed to trick you into handing over sensitive information to what you think is a genuine HMRC request.

But the new telephone scam, which appears to target taxpayers at random, involves fraudsters phoning individuals to demand unpaid tax, and will even go to the extent of threatening legal action.

They may also leave a voicemail asking the recipient to phone them back on a premium number, while another may involve a fraudster pretending to be your “case officer”.

Experts advise that you never give out any sensitive information over the phone, or by any other form of communication. If in doubt, contact HMRC directly via their contact information on the official Government site.

HMRC adds that if you can’t verify the identity of the caller it recommends that you do not liaise with them.

You can read more about fake HMRC communications here.