Why Hubdoc is a perfect fit for Xero

We all like technology that makes life easier for us, particularly as running a business can fill all available hours in the day.

Data capture tools that seamlessly integrate with accountancy software like Xero, an entirely cloud-based accounting software, is a game-changer for easing the pressure of getting bills and receipts into your bookkeeping software.

Virtually doing away with traditional paperwork and bookkeeping, Hubdoc is a fully automated data capture system that can work with major cloud accountancy applications, particularly Xero.

Xero performs bookkeeping functions like invoicing and payroll and allows you to connect the program to a live bank feed, but it needs the information fed into the system as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Information like bills, invoices and receipts can be gathered from email, mobile devices and it can also be automated so that bills can be diverted straight into Hubdoc.

It also automatically creates a personalised email address so when you email in your documents the application does the rest.

If you have already scanned your receipts, invoices, statements or bills, you can upload them directly to Hubdoc and it will extract the key data for you.

It effectively extracts the information and feeds it directly into Xero and comes as part of most Xero packages at no extra cost, crucial to all in business as we battle back from the pandemic.

It can also act as a storage centre, where copies of bills and receipts can be kept for future reference.

Some data capture tools have had problems, but Hubdoc is a robust system that integrates seamlessly with Xero.

When you publish the document, Xero creates the invoice, bill, credit note, or spend money transaction with a copy of the document attached.

You can set up Hubdoc to automate every step, so all you need to do is reconcile the transaction against your bank statement line in Xero. This is particularly useful if you get regular bills from the same supplier.

It has a multi-user function just Like Xero. You can invite your accountant, bookkeeper, or team member to use it and set up the privileges accordingly.

Backup is automatic and documents are synced to the accounting software and copies can be created in the cloud content management system Box.

Like all cloud-based technology, it can be accessed anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.