Wine among goods and services to become cheaper to import from January 2022

Certain goods and services will become cheaper to import from around the world after 01 January 2022, it has been announced.

It comes after the Government committed to remove VI-1 certificates on all wine imported to Great Britain from next year – saving traders around £130 million annually.

VI-1 certificates are currently used by UK authorities to certify that imports of wine comply with EU regulations.

The supplementary declarations also certify that third country of origin wine exported or moved from GB to the EU or NI has been produced using winemaking practices that are either or both:

  • authorised by the EU (or provided for in trade agreements that are concluded by the EU)
  • produced in accordance with winemaking practices recommended and published by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

But scrapping VI-1 certificates on all imports of wine into Great Britain will cut red tape and save traders a significant amount of time and money – an estimated 10p per bottle or around £130 million per year.

According to the latest statistics, the UK imported nearly £2.2 billion of wine in 2020, making it the second-largest wine market in the world.

Commenting on the announcement, Food and Drink Minister Victoria Prentis said: “The UK wine industry delivers high quality, great value wine from all over the world.

“By removing this pointless red tape, our businesses are in a stronger and more competitive position than before.

“Ending the requirement for import certificates is an important measure in supporting this vital industry, and a clear benefit of our now having the freedom to determine our own rules.”

Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), added: “This week marks the final hurdle in a two-year battle to remove unnecessary and costly inherited EU red tape on wine imports.”

The move comes ahead of the introduction of full customs controls. From 01 January 2022, international traders will be faced with new customs and border processes, such as full import, export and supplementary declarations and new commodity codes.

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