Xero focus – cut your paperwork burden with Xero to Xero invoicing!

Paperwork is annoying.

It is easily lost, takes up space, you cannot carry much of it around with you and it uses valuable time inputting information into your systems. It is a hassle, especially when you have better things to be doing.

Xero to Xero can slash the amount of paperwork involved in generating and paying invoices. Simply by sharing a ‘network key’ with other businesses that use Xero, you can start sending invoices to customers and receiving them from suppliers entirely within Xero.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the organisation name, then select ‘Settings’
  2. Under Features, click ‘Xero To Xero’
  3. Click ‘Send Xero Network Invitation’
  4. That user can then share their unique network key
  5. You can then copy it and go to their listing in contacts and paste it into the field provided
  6. With the infinity symbol now showing, you can send invoices through the Xero to Xero connection
  7. Now, when you enter an invoice and approve it, the send button displays the infinity symbol
  8. Hit ‘Send’ and an email will be delivered as normal and the invoice is instantly delivered to the client as a draft bill
  9. A confirmation will show this
  10. When invoices are delivered through the network, they can be viewed in ’purchases’ by going into ‘drafts’ and selecting the invoice
  11. Any missing details can then be entered, and the invoice posted

The step-by-step process can be seen here.